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The Lincoln Agency, LLC

Effingham's First Concealed Carry Training Program


The Lincoln Agency, LLC is proud to offer Effingham's first ever Concealed Carry Training Program!  

As you know Illinois was the only state left that banned private citizen concealed carry of a weapon; however, on July 9, 2013, the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66) became law.

This means we are all a part of living history.  The Lincoln Agency, LLC is proud to be a part of this life changing event.  We have already helped citizens take the next step in obtaining a concealed carry license.

Our company conducts classes for area citizens to satisfy the mandatory training requirement set forth by the State of Illinois as a part of the process to successfully obtain a concealed carry license.

The State of Illinois has continued to  accept applications for concealed carry licenses and many of our graduates have already received a concealed carry license.  There is a mandatory training requirement for all citizens who are applying for a CCL.  Do not wait until everyone else has met the requirements.  Call us today to schedule your class so you can make a successful application and be granted your concealed carry license the first time you apply.     

Our instructors have the experience and training to properly educate each citizen on all aspects needed to both safely and legally carry a firearm concealed in the State of Illinois.

We have a both a home and remote training facility and the use of our private range allows us to conduct training that will be both flexible and convenient.    

We offer:

  • 16/12/8 hour mandatory training classes
  • 3 hour re-certification class
  • Flexible schedules
  • Private classes
  • Referral program
  • Open and relaxed environment to ask questions and learn

Contact us today for FREE information and to schedule your class!

Classes are updated for the beginning of 2016, check out the Register Now page on our website for more information, email or call to sign up!

The Lincoln Agency, LLC is proud to be celebrating its 2 year anniversary for Concealed Carry Training.  To help celebrate we are offering a promotion to help more of our citizens attend our courses.  When you pre-register with a friend, you will save $50 dollars per student.  Thats right the 16/12 hour course will be $100 each or $200 total.  This applies to the 16/12 hour course only.  Take advantage and bring a friend to the training, so you are both comfortable and relax and ready to qualify!!  Email us today!  This offer will expire so do not hesitate!

Here is what you can expect with us!

1-  Completion of Training Required by Law
2-  Assistance in Submitting Application for License
3-  Submitting Photo and Certificate for License
4-  Discount for Electronic Fingerprint Submission
5-  We can get you fingerprinted, trained, and submit your application for license the same day*

*If student has met all state requirements